ABN: 22 987 148 582

Articulated Streamers from $15.00. Dry and Wet Flies from $42.00 per dozen, can be a mixed dozen of six per selection. Bass and Saratoga flies from $10.00 each, Saltwater flies from $10.00 each. Bara Flies from $10.00 each . Cod flies from $10.00 each.

Express Post and packaging from $12.00 per parcel with tracking number.

Simply fill the form below with you information and selections and I will return email you.

                                                                                                                   Mobile: 0474133930 Phone or text.

                                                                       Payments options are BSB Transfer or  PayPal Invoice via your email address.

                                          Once your payment has cleared I will tie your flies , it usually takes two (2) weeks from order to delivery.